Toaster Oven VS Convection Oven – Which One Is Best?

Appliances are such a life-saver when it comes to working around the kitchen.

Trust me; I have a couple of kiddos and a spouse. At some point you may have to make the decision of choosing a toaster oven VS convection oven. We hope this guide will help you make the right choice!

Convection, conventional – many people confuse the two and think they are one. Got you, didn’t we?

Yes, they are different.

Surprise, surprise!

Before I go ahead and lay out why you should buy one, let’s look at what a convection oven is and what a toaster oven is.

Toaster Oven VS Convection Oven – Know the Difference

To understand which one is better and why I will give you a brief introduction of both to clear things up a little.

Convection Oven

A convection oven operates with the help of fans. The functioning is different from a toaster oven as they heat the air first. Next, with the help of a fan, the hot air is circulated in the interior of the oven and this helps the food to cook. Hence, the food is cooked evenly.

It works best for making grilled, well-roasted and crispy baked food in it. Moreover, it is super easy to clean and you will not need to waste extra time in the maintenance process.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is just like a mini-oven with the addition of some features like defrosting. You’ll also see that a toaster oven uses heating elements that are present on the inside. You can find them on the bottom and top of the toaster and they are used to help the air warm up in the toaster. This, in turn, heats the food and helps in broiling, toasting and also baking.

The best thing about it is its practicality. They are super fast and can make any type of food in them. Just like the convection oven, they are also super easy to clean and maintain.

Differences and Similarities between Toaster Oven and Convection Oven

Before making a decision, it is important to know how they are the same and how they are different. Only then will you be able to decide which one to purchase and how it can benefit you.

Cost and Size

When it comes to size, they are almost the same. This is because of the many options available in the market. You can find both in different sizes and shapes even and the cost for the same sized ones are almost the same. You can find convection ovens in the same shape as that of a regular toaster oven and even in a round shape.

Another similarity is that you can easily place them both on the countertop in the kitchen without taking up much space.

Pro Tip: If you are going to use either of them in your daily routine, don’t go for the huge ones with all the functions. Those are not practical and will not only take up space without being of any use.

Energy Consumed

On the energy consumption front, both are different. As toaster ovens use heating elements that take time to get hot. As a result, they consume more energy.

On the other hand, convection ovens work by heating the air. As it gets heated more easily, the cooking time is less as compared to the toaster ovens and hence, less energy is consumed.

Cooking Time

Another thing to consider is the cooking time. A toaster takes slightly longer to cook when compared to the convection oven.

Extra Functions

With toaster ovens, you get additional functions with the normal heating and defrosting function. So, it is a good idea to go for that.

How To Choose One?

You simply can’t pick one over the other by knowing their similarities and differences. The biggest and most important point you are missing is that you need to know what you NEED a toaster oven or convection oven for.

What Food Are You Preparing?

  • For every day and delicate cooking, a toaster oven will be a good choice. For instance, soufflés, custard, bread etc are better made in it. If you know about cooking, the batter mixes and baking is mostly done in toaster ovens.
  • If you are not into crusty food, a toaster oven is the option to go for. For instance, the bread you cook will have a very soft texture instead of a crispy one.
  • Roasting meat, roasting vegetables and getting that crispy crust on your food calls for a convection oven.
  • For a higher lift on your pastries and pies, a convection oven is good.
  • For steamy food like sausages, the convection oven’s fan comes into handy for the perfect cook.

As it is evident, different food items are prepared differently in both appliances. Depending on how you like your food, you can pick one. I usually like my bread and muffins soft, so I don’t make them in the convection oven, but if you like a little crust you may want to throw them in the convection oven.

Wrap Up

The debate between toaster oven VS convection oven has been here for a long time and is not going to end soon. The reason for this is the personal choice of the people using them.

Both toasters and convection ovens are excellent kitchen appliances to have at hand. They can perform many functions from broiling to baking to roasting and toasting.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a toaster oven for a considerably less amount compared to what you’d pay for a convection oven. Convection ovens may be a little more expensive compared to toaster ovens, but they are also more energy efficient. So you should consider the electricity cost savings.

Choose wisely!

Happy Cooking!

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