Best 4 Slice Toasters 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Are you running late for office and need to get a head start on making breakfast for everyone? Did you think that toasters are only used to toast bread? Well, you are in for a surprise. The best 4 slice toaster will not only do that, it will do much more.

What exactly are we talking about?

You can use these handy machines to toast bread to perfection (DUH!), crisp burger buns, heat waffles, and so much more. Moreover, the ones we have included in our guide are durable, compatible, lightweight, easy to use, and multifunctional

So, read on to know more!

10 Best 4 Slice Toasters – Get that perfect crisp!

Undoubtedly, you must have used a toaster before. But, what makes the 10 best 4 slice toaster included in our buyer’s guide the best?

Check out the detailed comparison table to have a bird’s eye view of what we are talking about!

Comparison Table

ProductColorMaterialWeight (lbs)  Wattage/ volts  Toasting OptionsDimensions
Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal ClassicBrushed stainlessStainless Steel6.11800 W611. 15″ L x7. 5″ H x10. 65″ W
BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice ToasterBlackAluminum4.991500 W711.25” L x 11.75” W x 8.75” H
Sunbeam Wide Slot 4-SliceBlackStainless Steel4.81500 W712.5” x 9.75” x 7.5”
IKICH Toaster 4 SliceClassical SilverStainless Steel4.961300 W616.34” x 7.56” x 8.8”
4 Slice Toaster, whall Stainless SteelSilverStainless Steel6.391500 W612.6” x 12.4” x 8.5”
BUYDEEM DT-6B83 4-Slice ToasterCozy GreenishStainless Steel7.781800 W712.2” x 6.97” x 11.02”
4 Slice Toaster, CUSIBOXRedStainless Steel4.51650 W611” x 9” x 6.8”
Cuisinart Touch to Toast LeverlessBrushed stainless steelStainless steel5.51800 W611.42” x 10.08” x 7.75”
KitchenAid Kmt4115cu 4-SliceContour SilverAll metal81800 W511.5” x 12.5” x 8.3”
Yabano 4 Slice Toaster, Bagel Toaster YellowStainless steel5.331800 W712.5” x 12” x 7”

1.      Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic

If you are looking for a durable and top-notch toaster with a classic metal finish to it, Cuisinart CPT-180P1 might just be the toaster for you.

The first thing that hits you is the sheer aesthetic beauty of this classical piece. The black finishing on the brushed steel color gives classical vibes. Moreover, when it comes to being multifunctional and versatile, it is a great choice!  

Versatility is its forte:

No problem! It comes with multiple toasting functions. If you want a normal toast on your bread, go for the toast function. Secondly, for toasting just the top of the bagel, you have the bagel option. Thirdly, if you have frozen bread, choose to defrost function. Fourthly, you have the reheat function which is only used to reheat food.

Last but not least:

You can cancel any function at any time with the cancel button. Interesting, isn’t it? Not only do you get options when it comes to selecting the mode, but you also have different shading options too.

Do your toasting needs change with your mood?

You have 6 different options to choose from. However, 1-2 are for a lighter shade, 3-4 are for medium shaded toast and 5-6 is for dark toast. As a result, it has something for every member of the family.

This guy makes excellent toast. Surprisingly, it can be used for several different food items. The reason being, the 1.5” slots are wide enough to take in more than just bread. Yes, you heard that right!

Now, you don’t need to buy different utensils to make different items. You can easily toast the following items: French toast, sliced homemade bread, toaster pastries, bagels and frozen pancakes. Nice, right?

How many times has your toast got stuck in the toaster?

This is not the fault of the toaster. Rather, the size of the bread. To overcome this issue, Cuisinart has come up with a high-lift lever. If for some reason, the bread does not pop out properly, you can lift this lever. In return, the lever will push the bread further up. Consequently, you can easily pull it out with your hands.

Talking about the size, it is compact with unit dimensions 10.65″ W x 11.15″ L x7.5″ H. Thus, making it easy to store on the kitchen counter without making any mess. Moreover, the cord storage and take-out crumb tray make storage and maintenance easier.

How to keep it clean?

It comes with an instruction manual that you should study beforehand. Additionally, you can either wipe it down with a damp cloth or a little detergent on the cloth to make sure it cleans up well. In case something goes wrong, there is a 3-year warranty.

The only thing that we didn’t like was that it sometimes gets hot on the outside, which is not that good as I have kids around the house.

  • 6 toast heat setting
  • Multi-purpose
  • Versatile
  • Wide slots for toasting
  • BPA free
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical
  • Exterior gets hot sometimes

2.      BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster – Light Weight, Durable, Affordable

Another popular name in kitchen appliances is BLACK+DECKER. The TR1410BD is quick, fast and reliable when it comes to making toast.

First things first:

The slots are extra wide and come with self-adjusting controls. Interestingly, you can set different toasting shades for different toasts. Now you don’t need to wait for the first batch of toast to come out before you put in a new batch that needs to be shaded differently.

Let the guides adjust themselves!

You don’t need to worry about whether the toast is big or small, thick or thin. All you need to do is pop it inside. Period! The guides will adjust according to the toast or whatever you put inside and grip it perfectly.

Two sides, two options:

There are two large knobs on both sides of the toaster. Moreover, these can be used to control the shade setting on each side to come up with the toast you want. Furthermore, there are 7 options you can choose from.

According to us, the best thing is the visible numbers of the knobs. Unlike many other toasters we have come across, the numbers were easily visible on the knob and you don’t need to turn around much to see them.

The reason for this can be the color of the toaster. The combination of black and white makes the numbers pop out.

Apart from the 7 shade settings, there are 3 easy toasting functions to choose from. Firstly, there is the bagel button. Secondly, you have the defrost option to first defrost bread/bagels/frozen items and then warm them up. Lastly, if you want something in between or a toast of your option, you can always select the cancel option. It will make your toaster pop right up!

Can’t reach the toast?

Just like the Cuisinart toaster in the first review, this also comes with a high-lift lever function. So, you can easily push it if you feel you can’t pull the toast with your hands.

The features don’t just end here:

Furthermore, the slide-out crumb tray is a nice add on. Two crumb trays ensure your kitchen is mess-free and cleaning the toaster is a piece of cake.

All in all, it is lightweight, weighing only 4.99 pounds. Moreover, it is compact with 11.25 x 11.75 x 8.75 inches dimensions, a little larger than the 180P1 by Cuisinart.

However, there is one little drawback that the power cord is placed on the front side of the toaster. Even though that was not an issue, it just looks out of place!

  • Easy to clean crumb tray
  • Wide toasting slots
  • 7 toast shading options
  • Extra lift lever
  • Clearly written numbers
  • Easy to use knob
  • Affordable
  • The power cord comes from the front of the toaster

3.      Sunbeam Wide Slot 4-Slice – For Consistent Toasting Each Time Every Time!

If you are tired of inconsistent toasting on your bread, going for this toaster by Sunbeam might just solve all your toasting problems. Why? Well, read on to know more about it!

The first thing you notice is the sleek, well-built design of the toaster. The black color looks good enough to compliment any kind of kitchen décor and is going to amp up the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

Electronic Toasting Technology (ETT), what’s that?

This toaster incorporates electronic toasting technology. Before I tell you what that is think about this “have you ever ended up with unevenly toasted bread?” I can bet on it that your answer is going to a definitive YES.

Here is where the ETT comes to play. Now your bread, English muffins, English muffins and other items will be uniformly toasted on both sides.

Extra-wide slots can take in a lot!

With the extra-wide slots, you are not limited to only toasting bread and bagels; you can even go ahead and comfortable toast hamburger buns to make that perfect burger at home! What more do you want?

Oops! Did you just realize you are late for work and need to make toast for everyone? With the dual toasting option, you can simultaneously toast at various settings. Therefore, you can make crisp and lightly toast bread in one go. What a relief, isn’t it?

Moreover, there are 7 toasting options to choose from. Just like most of the toasters, it also comes with a bagel and cancel function. Hence, you don’t need to go with the preset options and can press cancel to stop the toaster at any time.

Options, Options and more options:

Similarly, it also has a toast-lift option which allows you to lift the bread higher than normal to take it easily with your hands.

Unlike others, it has an anti-jam feature. Thus, if something is jamming the toaster, it will not work until it is removed. The crumb tray is easily removable to make cleaning easier. Lastly, the housing is insulated. As a result, it does not warm up during toasting.

When it comes to safety, it is pretty safe. The toaster meets the North American Electrical Standards and is backed with a one-year warranty. It weighs only 4.8 pounds with the following dimensions: 12.5” x 9.75” x 7.5”

However, the pushdown button is not good. It can take a few attempts to actually push it down. Otherwise, it keeps popping back up.

  • 7 shade toasting option
  • Economical
  • Electronic toasting technology
  • Anti-jam option
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Meets the North American Electrical Standards
  • The pushdown button does not always work on the first go

4.      IKICH Toaster 4 Slice – Best Compact Toaster for Home Use

A rather new concept, the IKICH Long slot toaster is a good buy if you use different types of bread around the house. Even though it has 2 long slots, it can easily toast 4-slices of bread at one time. Usually, for the normal bread, muffins, bagels, Pullman loaf, sandwich bread etc, you can toast 4 slices in one go.

On the other hand, for larger and longer bread, like sourdough bread and artisan bread, you can easily toast 2 slices in one go.

WOW! No more turning the bread over and toasting it upside down!

Sometimes in other toasters the tall bread does not toast properly. A part of it is rising above the toaster and you need to flip it over to toast it. At times, it ends up burning the bread from where it was already toasted from.

Moreover, there are 6 preset options for toasting the bread to choose from. All you need to do put it in the toaster. On option 1, the toast will just dry out. Option two will light brown the toast. Therefore, the higher you go; you will get more brownness and crispiness on the bread.

Weighing only 4.96 pounds and measuring 16.34” x 7.56” x 8.8”, it is going to be a nice, compact addition to your countertop.

What makes it different?

Apart from the wide slots and option of easily toasting long bread, it also comes with a built-in rack to heat pastries, croissants, rolls etc.

Let that sink in for a moment, shall we?

Personally, this is the feature I love about it. There is a small, back lever that needs to be pushed to pop that warming rack up. Place the item to be reheated on it and you are good to go!

Furthermore, like the others, it also has the defrost and reheat option along with the option to cancel at any time. The LED light feature shows which function is on.

Store and clean up in no time:

The fact that it is made of stainless steel ensures that it can easily be cleaned from the outside. Moreover, the removable crumb tray makes cleaning easier. Top it up with a cord storage and you have a smart little kitchen assistant at your side.

Sadly, you get an uneven toast on the bread at times. That is surely a bummer, isn’t it?

  • Versatile
  • LED light
  • Easy to clean, maintain and store
  • Compact
  • 6 toasting options
  • Comes with a warming rack
  • Extra-long capacity
  • Does not toast evenly

5.      4 Slice Toaster, Whall Stainless Steel – Fast, Efficient with Independent Controls

Want something that is going to last you long? Well, the 4 slice toaster by Whall is highly durable and wear-resistant. Therefore, if kept properly, it can last you for years.

Make different breakfast options:

The convenience it offers is great. Firstly, you can make different food items in it. For instance, bread, muffins, doughnuts, bagels, toast and even waffles. It does have a little something for everyone, doesn’t it?

Unlike the 180P1 by Cuisinart, it does not heat up much externally. The reason being, it is heat-resistant to stop the housing from getting hot.

Get pippin’ hot toast in one go!

Now, you don’t need to flip the toast over to heat it from the other side. The toaster has the bidirectional surround heat technology that ensures that uniform heat is provided on all sides. Moreover, the two-way heat pipe gives similar toast on both sides. So, say bye-bye to uneven heating.

Just like all the other toasters we have reviewed previously, this also comes with 3 basic functions. Firstly, the Defrost option allows the bread to defrost first and then warms it up. Secondly, the bagel option allows for toasting just the exterior and warming up the interior. Lastly, the cancel option allows stopping the toaster at any time.

Additionally, the slots are 1.5” wide. Hence, you can easily toast thicker bread or even buns in it. Furthermore, the high lift button allows it to raise an additional inch, allowing you to take out the toast without burning your hand.

Best of all:

There are 6 toasting options to choose from. The options range from 1-6 (lightest to darkest brown). It has two independent dials through which you can select a different option for your bread slices.

Caution: When you are using it for the first time, keep the setting on either 3 or 4. Moreover, don’t add cheese or butter before you put bread in the toaster, always add it afterwards.  Avoid dripping any liquids on it to avoid the risk of electric shock. Plus, don’t ever immerse the toaster or the cord in any sort of liquid.

Preferably, the removable bread crumb tray should be cleaned as soon as you are done with toasting. Just remember to let it cool down first.

Uniquely, it has a dashboard design. Thus, making the numbers very easy to read. Weighing 6.39, it is on the heavier and bigger side with dimensions of 12.6” x 12.4” x 8.5”.

No more cords dangling around:

There is a proper coil storage design at the bottom of the toaster for easy storage. Cleaning and maintenance is a piece of cake with the easy to remove crumb tray.

As compared to the other toasters, it is not that quick. Yes, it takes a good 5-8 minutes to toast on the medium setting. For me, this was a little too much.

  • Even toast on both sides
  • Wide slots
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable bread crumb tray
  • Independent toasting option
  • Versatile – can make different types of options
  • Slow in toasting

6.      BUYDEEM DT-6B83 4-Slice Toaster – Best Four Slice Toaster with Long Cord

Are you tired of all toasters available in the market claiming to have the bagel function? Still not satisfied with them?

Time to switch!

If you face this problem, it might just be the right time to switch to the BUYDEEM DT-6B83. It has a true bagel function. What does that mean? Well, it heats both sides of the bagel, but only toasts the cutting side of the bagel further. This ensures that only the cutting side of the bagel is crispy. Consequently, you get a perfectly toasted bagel in no time.

Self-adjusting guides:

No more worrying about positioning the slice to get it in the middle of the toaster. Just like the TR1410BD by Black and Decker, the guides are self-adjusting. So, you can put thick and thin bread or different items inside the toaster together and the guides will adjust themselves.

Best of all, the slots are 1.4” wide. Hence, you can even put in thicker loaves of bread and enjoy it without worrying of under toasting or over toasting it.

Offering more options than the rest, it comes with 5 toasting functions. Firstly, there is a muffin/bagel function to toast from the cooking side only. Secondly, there is a defrost function. Thirdly, you have the reheat option in which only the items are reheated. Lastly, there is the standard cancel option that allows stopping the toaster at any time. Moreover, the LED light tells you which function is selected and it is easy to operate.

However, if you simply want to make bread, you don’t need to choose any specific feature. All you need to do is press the lever down and choose the setting of your choice.

Choose from 7 toasting shades:

If the shade of the toast depends on your mood, you are in for a pleasant surprise. With this toaster, you can choose from 7 shading options. So, pick the type of toast you like and enjoy your bread/bagel/muffin etc.

The extra lift lever makes sure that whatever you put in the toaster comes out high enough to take out with your hands. Amazingly, it has a 40” cord. Thus, it can easily be pulled forward and used anywhere in the kitchen. To save you from the hassle of storage, there is a storage tray at the bottom of the toaster.

Weighing 7.78 pounds, it is heavier than the rest of the toasters we have reviewed before. The dimensions are 12.2” x 6.97” x 11.02”

It comes with a 2-year service warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes, if you don’t like it for any reason, you can always ask for your money back!

A big downside to it is that it gets hot on the exterior. A little warm would have been okay, but it is too hot for comfort.

  • Compact
  • Independent controls
  • Excellent bagel and muffin options
  • Long 40” cord
  • 7 toast settings to choose from
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The exterior gets hot

7.      4 Slice Toaster, CUSIBOX – Efficient, Extra Wide, Durable and Classy

This red 4-slice toaster by CUSIBOX is not only a good addition to the kitchen aesthetically, but it is also of the highest quality.  Moreover, it is FDA approved and preferred by many users.

Let’s get straight to the features!

Firstly, the thing that you will notice is the quick speed of the toaster. Unlike the ones reviewed before, it gives the quickest result. Surprisingly, it takes only 70 seconds to make soft toast. On the other hand, 180 seconds are all it takes to make brown and crispy toast on the maximum setting.

Just like the majority of the toasters in our guide, it also comes with dual and independent toast settings. Therefore, you can make different food items in it at different toast settings and functions.

Let me explain a little more:

So, if you want to toast bagels and make soft bread at the same time, it is possible. All you need to do is select the bagel function on one side and the bread function on the other. The side with the bread will pop up sooner than the bagel one. Nice, isn’t it?

Better yet, the high life lever allows the bread to rise high enough so you don’t burn your hands trying to take it out.

You can toast various kind of bread with its wide slots!

Undoubtedly, the reason why it can toast different items is because of the 1.5” wide slots it has. Coupled with self-adjusting guides, it toasts evenly. So, it does not matter if the bread is thick or thin, you will have an even toast all around.

Featuring a 1650 Watt motor and 6 toasting options to choose from, it does not get better than this. Weighing 4.5 pounds, it is one of the lightest ones with a good length cord of 36”. The dimensions are 11” x 9” x 6.8”.

Furthermore, it has 3 functions to choose from. Firstly, there is a bagel function. Secondly, it has a defrost function. Lastly, it has a cancel function. All these functions perform just like the other toasters discussed above. The LED indicators make it easier to read. Cleaning and maintaining it is easy because of the removable dual crumb tray.

The warranty speaks for the quality of the toaster. It is ETL listed. Moreover, it has a 90 days money-back guarantee and 1-year support. Additionally, it comes with lifetime support from the brand itself.

Sadly, a slightly burnt smell comes from the toaster. Even if the toaster is cleaned after every use, it can still give the same burning smell.

  • Small and compact
  • Easy to maintain
  • 36” long cord
  • Lifetime support
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • 3 functions
  • 6 toasting options
  • Economical
  • It emits a burning smell

8.      Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless – Say Bye-Bye to Knobs and Dials

The entire world is shifting to digital technology, why not your toaster? Yes, it is possible and Cuisinart brings you just the thing.

An innovative toaster!

Unlike any other toaster in our review, this is digital and does not have any sort of levers to push or pull down the bread. This is THE ONLY digital toaster that made it to our list because of its outstanding and unique features.

So, without wasting time, let’s get right into them!

Just like the others, it comes with multiple toasting functions, 5 to be exact. If you are craving for scrumptious bagels, go ahead and try the bagel function. Surely, you will get them exactly as you like. The top is going to super crispy and the bottom will remain soft.

Oops! Don’t like your bagels this way?

No issues. With this toaster, you are sorted out. If you want a bagel toasted on both side, skip pressing the bagel function button and go for simple toasting. Bingo! Perfectly toasted bagel on both sides.

Apart from the bagel and toast functions, it has 3 more. For instance, you can choose between reheat, defrost and cancel to stop at any time.

Moreover, there are 7 shading options to choose from. Number 1 is the lowest and number 7 will give you the crispiest and brownest toast. You can choose the setting from the shade control LED option on the toaster.

What sets it apart from the rest?

To be honest, there are a few things. Firstly, the lower and up feature are motorized and there is no lever for them. Secondly, there is a little timer that lets you know how much time is left. Yes, you can now get your cup of tea ready as soon as the toaster is about to pop!

Can’t stand with the toaster while it toasts?

No worries. The beep sound will let you know when it is done. Convenient, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the 1.5” wide slots allow for several food items to be made. For instance, French toast, frozen pancakes, sliced bread, bagels and simple toast.

Best of all:

The dual, independent controls allow for 2 different types of toasts to be made together and that too at the same time. Lastly, it weighs a mere 5.5 pounds with 11.42” x 10.08” x 7.75” dimensions. With a 3-year warranty, it is going to last you a long time.

Sadly, it does not toast much even at the highest setting. That was a big problem for me as I like my toast dark brown and well toasted.

  • Fully digital toaster
  • Durable
  • Smart and elegant
  • BPA free
  • 5 functions to choose from
  • 6 shading options
  • Expensive

9.      KitchenAid Kmt4115cu 4-Slice – Compact, Minimal, Durable

If you are not looking for something fancy for your kitchen and want to go for a simple to use minimalist toaster, the KitchenAid Kmt4115cu might just be the thing for you.

Even though it does not have a lot of toasting and shading options as the rest, it is a decent and useful purchase. This is a quality toaster that does a great job.

Extra slots for your toasting needs:

Just like the others, it also has 4 1.5” wide slots. Therefore, you are not only restricted to making toast in it. On the contrary, you can easily make bagels, thick bread, English muffins and so much more.

It has a small, manual lever to assist you in taking out the bread without burning your hands. Even the smaller slices easily rise to a height that is comfortable to take out with your hands. Moreover, the shade control gives you 5 shades to choose from. Undoubtedly, number 1 being the lightest and number 5 being the darkest.

Interestingly, when you go for the bagel option, it reduces the heat of one side of the heating elements in the toaster.

What happens then?

Well, while one side of the toast is getting dark and crisp, the other remains warm. Additionally, the cancel button gives you the flexibility to stop the toaster any time you want.

Furthermore, it is very easy to store and maintain. The removable bread crumb tray allows for easy cleaning and the cord storage makes it easy to store without messing up the kitchen counter.

The only downside to it is that for these limited features, it weighs 8 pounds. The reason for this can be that it is entirely made of metal. Also, it has comparatively larger dimensions of 11.5” x 12.5” x 8.3”.

  • Made purely of metal
  • Simple toaster
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Practical cord storage option
  • 5 shading options
  • Heavy

10.  Yabano 4 Slice Toaster, Bagel Toaster – Best 3-1 Toaster 2021

Don’t have time to fix a quick little breakfast for the entire family? Choosing Yabano toaster will help you speed things up. Not only that, with the regular 4 slice toasting, you can also heat the croissant and muffins side by side.

How is that going to happen?

This is possible by the inbuilt grill stand. Yes, now while your bread heats, you can easily use the grill stand to use the heat of the toaster to hear up extra slices of bread and croissants. Moreover, you have the traditional toasting functions to choose from. These include the bagel, defrost and cancel options.

The 1.5” wide slots allow for toasting different items in it. For instance, you can toast normal bread, thick bread, muffins, waffle, bagels and so much more.

What does the bagel option do?

If you select the bagel option, only one side will be properly toasted, the other will only remain warm. Furthermore, you get to pick from 7 toasting options. Therefore, it means there is something for everyone.

For instance, if you like your bread well done, go for either option 6 or 7. On the other hand, if you like it light, you can opt for option 1 or 2. Easy, right?

The buttons and functions are pretty simple and selecting the one you want is no big deal. The high lift lever is not only useful to bring the bread high up but it can also be used to check how far along the toasting process has come.

How to clean the crumbs?

Now, cleaning is not a big deal. Just like all the other toasters, this also comes with an easy to remove crumb tray. Thus, all you need to do is open the tray, remove it, get rid of the crumbs and put it back in.

Tired of scratches on your counter?

It comes with rubber feet. Oh! What a relief, isn’t it? This ensures that there are no scratch marks on the counter while you move the toaster here and there. Along with it comes an instruction manual that needs to be studied beforehand.

Weighing 5.33 pounds and having 12.5” x 12” x 7” dimensions make it a compact toaster for everyday needs.

Watch our for your littles with this one. The sides of it get hot. With little kids around the house, it is not practical to use it without standing there in case some kid would come and touch it. Thus, burning their hands.

  • Affordable
  • Inbuilt rack
  • 7 shading options to choose from
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Gets too hot

Buyer’s Guide

Are you done with looking over our choices for the best 4 slice toaster? Have you made a choice already? No, didn’t find what you are looking for?

No issues!

In our buyer’s guide, we are going to talk in detail about all those features and specifications to look out for in a 4 slice toaster to ensure you get the best buy. After all, we know how daunting it can be to choose one out of so many toasters available in the market.

Even Toasting – How Well Does It Toast?

Do you know the most salient feature of a toaster?


It should toast. But, this is not the only thing to look out for. You need to be certain that the toaster toasts EVENLY. You don’t want to end up with crispy edges and a soft, soggy centre. Similarly, if one side is toasted and the other is not, what fun will it be to eat bread?

Therefore, the first thing to look out for is how well and how evenly it toasts. For that, you can use it and see it before you go ahead and make a purchase.

Wide Slots – Thick and Thin go Right In!

A very important thing to look at is whether the toaster comes with wide slots or not. If not, you can only make simple bread in it. Otherwise, you can go ahead and toast:

  • French toast
  • Croissant
  • English muffins
  • Bagels
  • Artisan bread
  • Thick loaf of bread
  • Hamburger buns

Usually, the wide slots are anywhere between 1.4” – 1.6”. Most of the toasters we have added in our guide have slots of 1.5”. Hence, they can toast all of the above food items and even more. Therefore, you have a lot of food options for the entire family.

Pro Tip: The best is to go for a 1.5” slot. The reason for this is that if you for wider ones, you won’t be able to toast English muffins.

Heat Proof Housing – Don’t Burn Your Hand

One issue that most people face with even high-end toasters is that they tend to get too warm on the outside. You must be careful to keep your toaster away from the edge of the counter to keep the little ones from burning their fingers on it.

Surely, this is not a pleasant experience at all!

Therefore, I advise always check how warm the exterior gets when the toaster is on the maximum toast setting. It goes without a doubt that most of the toasters have heat resistance written on it, but they are not. So, before you make a purchase, check whether it is properly insulated from the outside or not.

Compact – Easy to Store

Going for large toasters is not going to do you any good. Until and unless you have a huge kitchen and a lot of space to spare, it is not going to practical. Moreover, home appliances are becoming compact and smaller with the further advancement of technology.

Save space, look smart!

The mantra is to go for a high performing toaster that does not take up much space. For this reason, look for the following features:

  • Cord storage space
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Rubber feet
  • Inbuilt warming rack

Pro Tip: The best thing is to check for toasters that come with storage for the cord at the bottom.

Shading Settings – The More the Merrier

The more the shading options, the more variety you have on your toast. Most of the high-end ones come with 6,7 options. For instance:

  • 1-2 Light brown
  • 3-4 medium brown
  • 5-6-7 dark brown

Functions – Go for More

For more variety, pick a toaster that has multiple functions. Usually, there are the following options. If you require, go for the maximum options:

  • Toast
  • Bagel
  • Muffin
  • Defrost
  • Preheat
  • Cancel

Crumb Tray – Clean it Up

All the toasters come with a crumb tray.

Pro Tip: Go for a toaster with a removable crumb tray.

A removable crumb tray will not only make cleaning easier, but also ensures that all the crumbs are removed. Hence, you can help prevent those nasty burning smells.

Extra Features – Who Can Say No to Them?

We have covered the important features that you need to look out for in a toaster. These extra features will make using it easier

  • High rise lever: It makes the toast pop up higher than the normal. Thus, you can easily pull it out without burning your hands.
  • Motorized level: On the other hand, you can look for motorized levers.
  • Smart exterior: No one would say no to a smart-looking toaster, would they?

Price – Value for Money

Lastly, check if the toaster gives you good value for money. The way to check this is if the features provided do justice to the cost of the toaster or not.

How to Clean a Toaster

We are going to include the easiest and most efficient way of cleaning a toaster

  • Firstly, switch off the toaster.

Pro Tip: We would advise unplugging it as well. NEVER rely on just switching it off.

  • Remove the crumb tray.
  • You can easily wash the crumb tray by removing the crumbs and washing it with dish soap.
  • Don’t have a removal crumb tray? No issues! All you need to do is turn the toaster upside down, give it a good pat and all the crumbs will come out.

Pro Tip: Use a pastry brush to get out those stubborn crumbs.

  • Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and dishwashing soap
  • For stainless steel toasters, use a little vinegar to give them a shine.
  • Once the crumb tray is dry, push it back in.

For more details on how to clean out a toaster check out our guide here.


Q1. Who needs a 4-slice toaster?

There is a misconception that only people with large and big families need a 4-slice toaster. Actually, that is not the case. If you like variety in breakfast, going for a 4-slice toaster is going to let you toast different food items simultaneously. For instance, bagels, muffins, English bread etc.

Q2. Do you need to have a toaster with the most features?

Even though it seems the wise thing to do, it is not. Going for a toaster that offers 5 different functions while you are going to use only 2 is not a good idea. So, if needed, go for more features. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

Q3. Can you put cheese in the toaster?

No. It is not advised to put cheese in the toaster. You will only end up getting sticky stuff on the inside of the toaster.

Q4. Are expensive toasters always the best?

Again, no. An expensive toaster does not mean it is the best. Go for quality rather than the price tag.


Now that you know all about the 10 best 4 slice toasters, are you ready to make a purchase? Oh, didn’t find one that caught your attention. Hop over to the buyer’s guide to see what features are important to lock a final decision.

So, there you have it. If you ask us, the best 4 slice toaster is the IKICH 4-Slice Toaster at number 4. It is a compact, affordable and easy to use a toaster that means business.

If you’re looking for a smaller 2-slice toaster, check out our guide on the best 2-slice toasters in 2021.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get that toast poppin’!

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